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Paul Wear

Board Member

In the early 1970’s, Paul served in the US Army medical corps in Vietnam for which he received an honorable discharge. In 1976, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography and Motion Picture Production from Brooks Institute of Photographic Art and Science, Santa Barbara, CA and in 1977, he helped create the cult classic movie "Attack of The Killer Tomatoes."  He continued his career in photography as the proprietor of Paul Wear Photography in Escondido, CA.

In the early 1980’s Paul took an interest in computer technology and attended Coleman College, San Diego, CA where he graduated in 1986 with a degree in Computer Science. He worked as a Senior Support Engineer and Systems Analyst for several telecom companies including Lucent Technologies. In 2002, Paul moved to Connecticut with his wife Sandra and continued to work in telecommunications. He also became active with the Wilton Arts Council and served as its President for seven years. In 2009, Paul left telecommunications and opened his own real estate photography business in Fairfield County. He continued working until he retired in 2017.

Paul was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in October 2015 and subsequently volunteered to participate in the Parkinson’s Progressive Marker Initiative supported by the Michael J. Fox Foundation. He started taking Rock Steady Boxing classes in June of 2016 and attributes the program’s focus on muscle strengthening and balance coordination exercises for slowing his own Parkinson’s progression.


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