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Our Story

We want to help people with Parkinson's disease to live full and happy lives.


We wanted a support group that made us feel better, not worse.

We wanted hope and optimism and a place to learn how we could live that way, too.

So we started our own group: Shakers Anonymous.

At our evening meetings, you’ll find people of all ages, from 30-something to 80-something.  


You’ll hear talks by doctors and researchers on promising new treatments.


Yes, you can share your struggles. But also share laughter, optimism, and hope.


A few years ago, we expanded Shakers Anonymous into Parkinson’s Body & Mind, to give people with Parkinson’s everything they need to live their best lives: medically, emotionally, and socially…body and mind.

  • exercise programs to improve symptoms and fight progression.

  • peer-led support groups for patients and caregivers (Shakers Anonymous).

  • wellness programs grounded in positive psychology.

  • a unique speaker series featuring leaders in Parkinson’s treatment and research.    

Our Mission

To provide a system of community-based peer led support groups, comprehensive exercise and wellness programs demonstrated to improve the symptoms and fight the progressions of Parkinson's Disease (PD).  Our programs are grounded in positive psychology and motivation for individuals with PD and their partners.
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