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Your Donations at Work

Your generous support can inspire and transform the lives of people living with Parkinson’s Disease and their care partners. It allows Parkinson’s Body and Mind (PBM) to provide our services free of charge to those who need them in an effort to improve their quality of life.
What PBM provides:
Support Groups

  • Free in person and zoom meeting

  • Groups for people with PD, care partners, women with PD

Mentorship Program

  • Newly diagnosed people with PD are partnered with a mentor who helps guide them through their PD journey and educates them on resources available.

Newsletter and resources

  • Weekly electronic newsletter with information on upcoming meetings, speakers, classes and news about PD including research, advocacy, mindfulness and other cutting-edge topics.

Expert Speakers

  • PBM hosts a free monthly speaker series via Zoom with experts in all aspects of PD including: movement disorder specialists, researchers, neurosurgeons, physical therapists, wearables, mindfulness, nutrition and more


  • Developed for our program by Dr. Lori Quinn of Columbia Teachers’ College and offered semi-annually to measure the results of our exercise and wellness program.

  • Performed by local physical therapists and physical therapy students

Instructor Trainings

  • Provides access to PD trainings to PBM instructors

  • Working with Dr. Quinn on a proprietary training program

Free access to exercise programs for underserved communities

  • Low-income communities suffer from lack of access to exercise which the NIH has called a potent non-pharmacological treatment for PD

  • Equipment for these programs

  • Bridgeport, New Haven and Washington Heights are planned to begin Fall 2023

Evidence based program offered at local YMCAs 

  • Provides the blueprint for the PBM program to YMCAs

  • Arranges for instructors to be trained to work safely with people with PD

  • Schedules assessments 

  • Grants to YMCAs to offset costs allowing them to offer our program at a lower cost to people with PD.

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