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Parkinson’s Body and Mind, Inc. serves the Parkinson’s Disease (PD) community through exercise and wellness programming which acts as a potent non-pharmacological therapeutic strategy against PD*.  PD medication treats the symptoms and exercise and wellness treats the disease.

Our participants report that the program helps with a sense of community, and belonging in addition to increasing knowledge about PD. PBM also provides a sense of hope/improved outlook on life, and physical improvements.

The program meets the needs of those with PD by providing exercise with trained instructors. PBM addresses the importance of aerobic, cardio, strengthening, balance and stretching/flexibility which can help to improve many motor and non-motor PD symptoms.

PBM brings community-based approach to those with PD and their loved ones looking for everyday quality of life by joining forces with local YMCAs and individuals interested in helping their local community address Parkinson’s Disease.

What started as Shakers Anonymous in 2015 has grown into a national support group and a community-based exercise and wellness program, under the Parkinson’s Body and Mind nonprofit umbrella.


*Per National Institutes of Health Study

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“Not only are PBM classes great for the body and mind, they are also great for the soul.  I have a feeling of calm during and after my workouts.  I've made some strong friendships which support me through my PD journey.”

       Bill Montuoro

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