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Why We Need Your Donation

Parkinson’s Body and Mind in was created in response to an unmet need.  It is a grassroots peer led community initiative.  Your support allows us to provide: 

  • An exercise and wellness program grounded in evidenced based practices tailored to the needs of individuals with Parkinson’s


  • A safe program run by instructors who have specific training in working with people with PD in addition to their area of expertise (boxing, yoga, Tai Chi, etc.)


  • A supportive community that encourages people with PD to push themselves to move their bodies and improve their stamina, strength, balance, and mental and emotional well-being


  • A program to underserved communities (we are currently working on adding a Bridgeport location)

leon meytin.jpg

“Exercise is absolutely crucial in Parkinson’s disease. Not only does it increase dopamine, allowing you to physically feel better, it reduces the risk of falls, improves mental health, and improves sleep. Next to taking medications, this is the most important thing a person can do to help themselves feel better and live longer”


Leon Meytin, M.D.

Movement Disorder Neurologist

Hartford HealthCare

Chase Family Movement Disorders Center

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