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Engage PD

Dr. Lori Quinn, Director of the Neurorehabilitation Resource Lab at Teachers College at Columbia University


Engage-PD is a physical activity coaching program offered at Columbia University and supported by a community grant by the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation. The Engage-PD coaching program provides the opportunity for individuals recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) to have access to expert advice and guidance on engaging in physical activity and exercise programs at Columbia University Parkinson’s Disease Center of Excellence. A physical or occupational therapist is available to provide one-on-one coaching for individuals newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The coaching program involves an initial assessment and coaching session (approximately 60 minutes), up to 5 follow up coaching sessions (approximately 30 minutes each), and a follow up assessment, which can all be completed remotely. The coaching sessions provide individualized, structured support to facilitate and optimize exercise uptake as part of an effective self-management program. The structure of the coaching program is based on previous research in neurodegenerative disease conducted at the Neurorehabilitation Research Lab at Teachers College.

For more information contact  Elizabeth Delaney, LMSW

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